Must-Have Products for a Low Maintenance Beauty Routine

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I have never been one to wear loads of makeup or to spend hours getting ready. Okay, so it is fun to spend ages getting ready for a special event, but on a daily basis…I don’t have time for that!

Here are the products that I use: the staples of my beauty routine, if you will. They are affordable, work well, and help me keep things SUPER simple.


My skin can get oily, so I need a lotion that keeps that under control! I use Olay Beauty Fluid Face And Body Moisturiser.

It feels SO NICE on my skin and it is very gentle. They even make this version with SPF which I use in the summer. It works really well and keeps my skin protected ALL DAY from the sun. Best of all, it does not feel thick or smell like sunscreen.


To be honest, I rarely wear foundation at all. But on those days I need a little more coverage or when I am feeling a little fancy, I LOVE this affordable option: Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation.

The matte finish is perfect for my slightly oily skin and it is so light on my skin that I forget I am even wearing it. That is the biggest perk for me, personally, because I really HATE the feeling of cake-y makeup. Especially on hot days. YUCK! It smooths out my skin and hides my pores nicely, too.


Eos MINT is my all time favourite lip balm. It has this cool tingle feeling when you put it on and I love it when my mouth (area) smells minty fresh (lol what.). Anyways! It’s organic and smooth and I swear it never runs out! You can typically find it in drugstores or stores like target, or even easier yet, get it here!


This stuff is THE BEST. It literally does not smudge or fade at all. I wore it for my wedding and when I went to touch it up after dinner (after a three course meal, prosecco, AND lots of smooches for the camera) it did not need a single fix. Shout out to my bestie Bailey for suggesting it the morning of my wedding day! The colours are amazing and the matte finish is really nice. Get it here!

My two bits of advice for this product are:

  1. that you do not use chapstick/lip balm in combination with it (this is the ONE THING that will make it smudge/fade – trust me, I got it all over my face once at a fancy event…like…ALL over).
  2. that you have a good makeup remover (like these makeup removing wipes) because they are necessary to fully remove the product.


Full disclosure: most days I only wear mascara. This is my go to: Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara.

It is SUPER affordable and makes my lashes look really nice and long. I never have problems with it clumping, which makes my ‘getting ready routine’ really quick and easy. All about that convenience!

So those are my go-to products that help make up my simple and affordable beauty routine…if you can even call it a routine! Cheers to all the lazy girls the girls who love convenience!

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