The Cutest and Easiest Baby Shower Gift!

You may have seen images of diaper cakes before: here is a step-by-step guide on how to make one yourself! It is a lot easier than you’d think and it is sure to impress the mamma-to-be!

STEP ONE: Choose a “Theme”

I love this giraffe theme because it is adorable and gender neutral! If you don’t know the gender, or if the parents aren’t the typical ‘blue for boy’ and ‘pink for girl’ kind of people, just be creative with a theme that works regardless of gender!

For example, you could choose any sort of animal theme or perhaps a stars and moon theme.

You could also choose to do a colour theme with some mix and match patterns or toys but all in the same colour.

The sky is the limit really!

STEP TWO: Buy your Supplies

For this giraffe theme, I was able to purchase everything I needed from amazon which was very convenient.

One of the best things about a diaper cake is that you can essentially decide on any budget and stick to it: you can add as much or as little as you like! While I have kept mine relatively simple, you could add little toys, pacifiers, bibs, baby shampoos, etc. and just ‘sprinkle’ them all around your cake (proud of that pun!).

STEP THREE: Make the Cake

What you will need to make a basic diaper cake:

  • Diapers!
    • As many as you would like depending on how tall you would like your cake
    • I used 74 size one diapers
  • Rubber bands
  • Cardboard tube for stabilising
    • The cardboard tube from gift wrapping paper is perfect, or you could use 1-2 from a paper towel role, etc
  • Some pots in various sizes for shaping the cake

The key here is to not ruin any of the diapers or baby supplies used to make the gift, as you want mamma bear to be able to use these items!

First, take your biggest pan. You may need to stuff some hand towel into the bottom to raise your ‘cake’ up high enough so you can easily remove it from the pan.

Next, you will need to grab a handful of diapers and line them up so the overlap (see image below):

Once you have a few lined up, you will start to place them along the edge or you pan. Continue adding more, ensuring all diapers are facing the same direction and the amount of overlap is roughly equal.

When you have stuffed in enough diapers to complete the circle, take a bird’s eye view and even out your circle. It may be uneven so just shift the diapers around by pushing and pulling until the ‘hole’ is roughly in the centre.

I’ll admit, I am not the most patient with crafts and tend to have the attitude of ‘meh, good enough!’ and it still turned out pretty stinkin’ cute, so don’t worry if it’s not perfect!

Once you are satisfied, stick your tube into the centre hole.

You will now need to ensure your bottom layer of your cake stays together by securing it with a rubber band.

Simple stretch the rubber band around the diaper circle. Then, lift the base layer of your ‘cake’ out of the pot.

Repeat the steps above using various size pots (smaller, and smaller still) to make the remaining layers of your cake.

Once each layer is finished, slide it onto the cardboard tube.

TIP: if you haven’t got a pot that is big or small enough for your liking, simply use what you have to make the general shape, and then remove that layer. Once it is out of the pot, you can carefully manipulate the size by shifting the diapers closer together to make the cake smaller, or stuff in some extras/space them out to make the cake larger.

You can even make a tiny, mini round circle of diapers to put in the centre of your largest layer to hold the outer diapers out a bit further to make a giant base (without a giant hole in the middle).

Your naked diaper cake should look something like the image below:

STEP FOUR: Decorate!

Now it’s time to get creative! But remember, you don’t want to cause any damage to any of the items involved, as you want them to be new and fresh for the new baby!

Thus, stick to using rubber bands, pretty ribbons, some gentle tape, or a couple of safety pins to secure all of your items.

My decorations included the following (affiliate links below):

Again, you can use as much or as little as you’d like in the decoration process! Go crazy with loads of little bottles of baby products, teething toys, and containers of wipes if you wish, or just keep it super simple and add some ribbon. Up to you!

I simple folded the baby blanket to the right width and wrapped it around the bottom layer of the cake. I secured this white a long white ribbon and tied it tight. I then added some extra ribbons to create a sort of bow at the front.

As for the baby bathrobe (OH MY GOSH is this thing cute!), I folded it, wrapped it around the desired layer of my cake, and turned the hood/head on its side so it was facing the right way. I secured this with two safety pins.

On the remaining two layers, to hide the rubber bands, I cut a piece of the printed ribbon to the desired length, and secured the ribbon over the rubber bands with a piece of clear tape.

Lastly, I placed the plush Giraffe rattle toy on the top. ADORABLE! I did, however, realise he was quite topsy turvy so I fashioned a sort of ‘seat belt’ out of ribbon. I just wrapped some white ribbon around the giraffe and then tucked it into the rubber band on the top layer of cake (all hidden by the giraffe print ribbon…yay!).

I got loads of compliments on this gift (for my sister in law) and it feels so good to give a gift that I ‘made’!

Best of luck in your DIY adventure! Let’s have one last look at the final product: